Get Married Online, What you need to know : The Philippines

BEFORE YOU BEGIN. CONTACT YOUR CONSULATE OR EMBASSY. LINKS ARE PROVIDED BELOW.  It is of the utmost Importance that you contact your embassy or consulate with visa related inquiries or for up to date requirements. Its your responsibility to ensure all requirements are met before sending in completed visa applications.  The consulate or embassy may […]

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Long distance Love: Couple gets married online

Here is a behind the scenes look at Youtubers, The Armstrong Family  This couple recently got married with us! We want to make the process as easy as possible! To answer any questions you may have please visit our website, IG TV, facebook or youtube! We’ve created videos to answer some of your most frequently […]

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Traditional Marriages Done Remotely

We got married remotely

Recently there has been a trend of virtual weddings. You may have read that weddings can’t be done online. Most of these blogs/articles are posted by entities with a wedding background and not a legal background. Marriage is a constitutional right that is federal but each states has its own guidelines and procedures. There are […]

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How one woman is changing the wedding industry

The media can be tricky but patents don’t lie. Meet the power couple behind it all JC and Randy Banks. We had the opportunity to catch up with one of the most innovative companies to hit the internet market, to discuss their company and all of the attributes, struggles and triumphs associated with it. Though […]

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Want a stress free wedding? Here’s how to have one!

Lets face it, big wedding aren’t for everyone, whether in size or in cost.  According to The Cost of Wedding, the average wedding cost in the United States is $25,764. Couples, on average, spend between $19,323 and $32,205 but, most couples spend less than $10,000. This does not include cost for a honeymoon.   So for couples who want to invest elsewhere […]

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5 Reasons to Use WebWed Mobile

1. It’s by Invitation only! You can stream your wedding and/or special moment live to SELECT family and friends.  This is an awesome feature for those who are unable to attend your wedding or special event! 2. Free Marriage Education! All couples receive complimentary marriage education!   3. Yes! You can actually get married online legally using […]

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