Webwed provides ordained officiants that are certified in all 50 U.S. states and some international countries. If a couple wants a specific wedding officiant to perform their ceremony, your officiant must sign up with webwed.

You can get married in all 50 U.S states and some international countries as long as you meet the state requirements to get married online with webwed. No residence is required to get married with webwed.

No, witnesses are not required. All that is needed for the marriage to be legal is the signature of the authorized, registered wedding officiant whose name is printed on your marriage license.


Two valid forms of government id and a valid U.S address.  If you are not in the U.S you will need provide a valid notarized government passport.

All online marriage license applications must be submitted and processed thru our Webwed mobile app to be approved by the courts.

1.Free marriage education

2.Private stream or public

3.Video evites and video archives.

4.Rush delivery available

We offer very competitive rates, and our fees vary depending on the service and the type of ceremony you are looking for. However, our starting rate is $490.00.

YES! We support marriage equality for all and every one of our officiates performs same-sex marriages. Like our slogan says, “No Matter Who You Are Where You Are.”

Yes, but only after you have obtained your valid marriage license.

Once you have the license, there is no rush to perform the ceremony.  Once issued thru the courts the marriage licenses never expire, so once you have it you can get legally married whenever you wish.

We can apply for and pick up your marriage license the same day. Only if  all required documents and e-signatures is received before 10:00am eastern time zone.