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Marriage Application & Marriage License

E-Sign and process your marriage application same day services and receive your marriage license certificate electronically same day and your court sealed marriage license certificate within 3-5 business days in-person or by express mail FED EX, DHL,UPS  or U.S postal with tracking information after ceremony is performed and completed with bride, groom and your assigned wedding court officiant. We offer fast, easy and affordable rates for all couples including traditional, international non u.s citizens, celebrities, re-marriages, same-sex, jail and military marriages. U.S couples marriage license package price starts at $599.00 wedding package. International couples marriage license package price starts at $899.00 wedding package.  24hr Rush Express Available! 

100% Legal Marriage

All marriages are performed by our certified ordained court wedding officiants that cover all U.S states worldwide. We provide a 100% fully legal marriage for all of our marriages both partners must meet all court requirements. All marriage license certificates are issued directly from the courts with 100% approval rate only if both partners meet the marriage license requirements. Webwed services also offer marriage education, last name change, prenup, wills, apostille license for international and domestic couples. Get married now and have your wedding reception with family and friends later.  More Love Less Debt!


Video E-Vite as many friends and family to view and attend your secure private or public ceremony. You can even invite unlimited family and friends to participant and watch your ceremony. Both partners bride and groom will perform and complete their ceremony with our highly professional ordained wedding court officiants. Also visit our I DO PREVIEW, HOW IT WORKS , LEGAL RESOURCES and PRICE pages to learn more about our services also we can be reach at our 24 hour customer service at 1-855-932-9333 and via email [email protected] As officiants we love to educate our customers on how we combined the three most powerful elements in the world LOVE, LAW and TECHNOLOGY.  WebWedTV Network COMING SOON!  

Stream Special Moments!

We also offer streaming special moments to family and friends! Including birthdays, engagements, vow renewals, events and more! Your moment is archived and available for download for 30 calendar days!

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