Can i use my license for immigration purpose and the United States!

Yes! But we 100% do not get involved with immigration, citizenship, or travel ban matters. We do not engage in the unauthorized practice of law nor give legal advice. Immigration looks at so many things other than marriage in regards to both applicants applying for permanent U.S citizenship in the United States. However, All couples married thru Web Wed will receive a valid court seal hard copy marriage license certificate issued directly from the courts and marriage bureau. All our marriages are recognized in all U.S states and counties.

For International Non-U.S couples that use Web Wed to get married that want to use their marriage license outside of the United States, we highly recommend all international couples get their marriage license Apostille with Web Wed also. (Please google Apostille to learn more information).  All our marriages are performed with the true bride, groom, and wedding state court officiant that performs a traditional ceremony wedding and NOT proxy with our advance marriage technology platform.

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