Military Spouse Appreciation Day Ideas

Today is military spouse appreciation day. 

According to  Military Spouse Appreciation day is the Friday in May before Mother’s Day, this special day was first recognized by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. The sitting president typically issues a proclamation in recognition of the holiday, while celebrations are held on and near U.S. military bases around the world.

In Honor of this day we have compiled some simple and thoughtful gestures you can do to show your appreciation to your spouse.

Plan a date night at home

We are under stay at home orders so a romantic date night at home would be a perfect way to show them appreciation.  Cook their favorite dinner or watch a favorite movie.  

Tell them why you appreciate them

Take some advice from Dr. Gary Chapman.  Is your spouses love language Words of Affirmations?  An example would be “Thank you for…” Gratitude can go a long way.

Go out of your way

When your spouse needs help, go out of your way help!  Do you know a task that may be daunting or relieve a little bit of stress?  Its the little things!

Be Thoughtful

If you’re deployed, send a special delivery, handwritten letter or video message!

Pop the Question!

If you’re not married yet and ready to pop the question on this special day.  Consider streaming your moment securely and privately via our app WebWed Mobile.

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